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I find La Villa to have very good pupusas and the curtido is good as well. Another thing is they have lorocos (pupusas with an edible flower that basically appears as little green specs in the cheese), and I don't find that most places have lorocos, generally just the cheese pupusas and revueltas.

N S.

We needed a place to eat that was near our hotel and El Amate filled the bill. The food was tasty, the service good

Fran T.

We each tried something different and each dish was flavorful, hot and the presentation was excellent. There are a BUNCH of TVs and a large projection screen so I imagine it is a great place to go watch a contentious soccer game. They have a full bar with what looks like a decent selection and clearly a large local fan base.

Kal B.

Great food I had chicken,steak and shrimp platter it was tasty delicious food.i also love there pupusas mix/revueltas are the best I tried around the dmv.

Jose M.

love their NACHO Supreme omg it's soooo good... Their pupusas are on point with that nice crispy cheese on the side oozing out.

Whats H.